YouTube vs Books for Developers: Why You Need to Read Books More!

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

– Charles W. Eliot

Why books in this Youtube era?

It took me more than 15 months to get a good hold over web development, I wish I had not over-relied on YouTube university and focused more on books.

I know books are for some of you feel boring, a bit cryptic at first but I am sure you will thank me later. YoutTube contains lots and lots of good content and is engaging but we should question, are they equally effective in the learning process?

In this post, you will get to know the pros of reading books while learning web-development. I have made a quick index of the contents of this blog.

  1. Difficult to write
  2. Quality control
  3. You get to know from A-Z
  4. Powerful reference tool
  5. Better comprehension

My answer:

Youtube can be a blessing as well as hell, it is much like a double-edged sword if you don’t know to pull out the stunt, let alone newbies even the experienced struggle to find a good video which answers their questions completely and makes you understand the concepts but YouTube most of the time leave them wondering where to go next as result are stuck in what is called tutorial-hell.

Let's get further into the post.

  1. Difficult to write: Books are different, they are written by fewer people than the number of youtube videos uploaded because it is 1000x more time-consuming and difficult than uploading a 15-minute youtube video, anyone just can’t decide in a fine morning to write a book and finish it by sunset, it is not possible.

YouTube users upload more than 500 hours of fresh video per minute, YouTube revealed at recent press events. That works out to 30,000 hours of new content per hour, and 720,000 hours of new content per day.

2. Quality control: Writing books is time-consuming as a result, they are more organized and well thought out, you have a better chance of finding good content. Books weed out the bad parts better than youtube, I am sure every one of you must have at one point got frustrated with the amount of immature content found in youtube.

3. You get to know from A-Z: Books take you from A-Z, it is like holding your hand and walking to your destination, you have well-defined layout dived into chapter and further into sections, this helps a lot at remembering things, you form a map in your mind. Whereas youtube leaves you in between your path and you are clueless where to go next!

4. Powerful reference tool: Humans forget very quickly, if you have a nice book then you can reference it even after years reading it, that’s how powerful books can be! Like you have an encyclopedia at your side.

5. Better comprehension: Unlike YouTube books are played at your own pace, you are the one who controls reading pace, with this control you get a better comprehension. You can spend an hour on one page or a minute it is up to you to decide.


Enjoy books with a cup of coffee!

Books are a better option in most of the scenarios but not all, there are places where youtube is better for the job. The decision comes to your time in hand if you are not in a hurry then go for books, you won't regret it.

I think we need a hybrid approach. Don’t solely rely on just one of these but take along both and actively decide which one fulfills your needs better.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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