Classes, this, Rest, Spread, and more in this article

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We have all been at this stage. You have just finished an online course or other self-taught resources and have some grip over JavaScript and now the obvious choice is to learn some JavaScript framework. But approaching your first js framework can get really scary. …

A curated list of the best React libraries

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All developers must keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the ever-changing field of technology and software. Continuous learning and getting acquainted with the ever-changing tech are the main characteristics of a good developer. There is no pause to learning.

We will discuss and go through the top nine…

A helpful guide to take your job and career up a level

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Should I plan this project or dive straight into coding? Should I use this plugin or that library? Should I ask for help or figure it out myself?

Sound familiar?

Every developer faces such questions every day, and most of the time, make wrong decisions, and I was no different.

You won’t be the same.

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The life of a developer is not easy, developers are problem solvers 👷‍♂️ and constantly learning individuals 🏫. They have to keep upgrading📈.

Just learning a new JavaScript framework or library won’t make you better. That is just one half, for the other half you need to make progress on…

With almost 400 million downloads per year and rapidly growing…

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There are more than 50,000 job openings to React in the USA alone! Moreover, the demand for React developers isn’t showing any decline.

React is indeed a high-paying skill to learn in 2021, for which there is a lot of…

We all are clueless when starting our developer journey, I wish I had known these things beforehand

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Web Development is an amazing career that is in demand right now and there is no sign of decline instead the demand has been skyrocketing!

Along with high job satisfaction, you also get paid well as a web developer, but there are many more perks. …

We all have misunderstandings about clean code being some superficial code, but it is going to change…

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Writing code is easy! A newbie into world programming can learn to write code in minutes. Don’t believe me? Just remember your first “Hello World” program, how easy it was.

But writing clean code is a really tough job to accomplish. It requires lots of practice and dedication. …

This article is going to level up your game…

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We all face this serious issue — we don’t get clients. Yes we are talented, yes we are hardworking, and yes we know our stuff quite well, but still, something is fishy.

Is web development saturated? Are there no projects left for us? Are we doomed?

I hear many new…

Googling is one the most non-talked-about, essential skills.

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Google is a powerful tool, but you’re missing out on a lot of that power if you simply type words into it. Today, we will remove the training wheels and unleash Google’s true potential that you have not seen before.

We all type phrases into Google, then it shows results…

In 2021, being a developer is the hottest thing

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Being a developer is like being on a rollercoaster ride. There are ups and downs. Sometimes the job feels like a nightmare, while at other moments (after fixing a resilient bug), you get that abrupt adrenaline rush

You might be reading this article as a developer who’s frustrated with your…

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