You won’t be the same.

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The life of a developer is not easy, developers are problem solvers 👷‍♂️ and constantly learning individuals 🏫. They have to keep upgrading📈.

Just learning a new JavaScript framework or library won’t make you better. That is just one half, for the other half you need to make progress on…

We all are clueless when starting our developer journey, I wish I had known these things beforehand

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Web Development is an amazing career that is in demand right now and there is no sign of decline instead the demand has been skyrocketing!

Along with high job satisfaction, you also get paid well as a web developer, but there are many more perks. …

We all have misunderstandings about clean code being some superficial code, but it is going to change…

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Writing code is easy! A newbie into world programming can learn to write code in minutes. Don’t believe me? Just remember your first “Hello World” program, how easy it was.

But writing clean code is a really tough job to accomplish. It requires lots of practice and dedication. …

Ali Haider

Over 5 years of obsession with technology || Writer and developer. Love meeting and interacting with new people.

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